Mythos Group partners with clients to co-create a realistic and sustainable future.

From Top To Bottom And Every Level In Between

The Mythos team works extensively with our clients to align on a strategic vision, purpose, outcome, and personal commitments. We dig into actions, attitudes, behaviors, capabilities, cultural alignment, emotions, and mind-sets, unearthing what interventions are needed to capture the hearts and minds to spur action and positive engagement.


    At Mythos Group, we don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions! We tailor frameworks, leverage best practices, and incorporate pragmatic tactics to create an innovative solution that promotes collaboration, commitment, teamwork, and sustained growth. We firmly believe in establishing a deep and meaningful relationship with our clients. We appreciate that each client is unique and deserves our undivided attention to help them holistically solve their most complex strategy, organization, talent, and process challenges.

    Our approach is highly collaborative and participative. We collaborate with our clients through deep discovery to identify and manage the visible/tangible drivers (vision, purpose, strategy, expectations, performance metrics, processes and structures) and invisible/intangible drivers (behaviors, culture, leadership, mind-set, motivation, relationships and trust) that are key catalysts to propel their business and organization transformations. We are committed to developing our clients’ capabilities to make them self-sufficient. We work with our clients to define new behaviors and culture, build leadership and employee capabilities, align HR function, and manage talent to successfully drive and sustain the business/organization transformation.


    Mythos believes in 5 core values as applied to every one of our clients:


    We partner with our clients as confidantes and advisors to work with them and not for them, building long-term, meaningful relationships designed to provide solutions over the long haul.

    Customized Knowledge

    We bring the best of what we know to each client, understanding that every client has individual needs and there is no single solution.

    Enterprise and Holistic Perspective

    We develop innovative solutions that are integrated across business units and functions, paying careful attention to strategy, organization, people, and process.

    Fact-based Approach

    Our recommendations are based on facts, personal experiences, and extensive research. We believe in delivering results, not theory!

    Preserve Confidentiality

    This policy helps safeguards our independence and objectivity, allowing us to maintain a neutral and objective standard for each client.


    Strategy is the integrated set of actions an organization takes to create competitive advantage. Mythos Group partners with clients to collaboratively develop innovative, pragmatic and actionable strategies to stay ahead of the competitive curve in today’s complex business landscape. Our understanding of market trends and drivers, industry expertise, and analytical objectivity enables us to develop actionable strategies that drive measurable business growth, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organization.

    Business Unit Strategy

    For sustained growth, organizations must maintain a delicate balance between driving the overall corporate strategy and allowing individual divisions to proactively address their specific challenges and opportunities. We work with clients to achieve this alignment by ensuring that each entity makes the greatest possible contribution to the entire business. We advise clients on strategic options, untapped growth opportunities, drivers of profitability and value, and a market entry strategy and implementation.

    Corporate Strategy

    Companies often struggle with their strategic management and planning processes. They might find it challenging to reconcile short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals. We help clients strengthen their strategy planning, development and execution processes and develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value. We advise clients on portfolio strategy development, corporate center role analysis, and competency assessments.


    Innovation is necessary for sustainable growth. Building new value is about more than just building new things. New ideas are born from experience. And, the brightest future belongs to those organizations who adapt and change. We work with clients in the creation of growth strategies, new product categories, and services or business models that are game changers. We partner with clients in developing innovation labs to serve as a platform to incubate new ideas, evaluate their feasibility, and launch them to generate significant new value.


    In today’s economy, forces such as globalization, increasingly powerful human capital, mergers, and new technology require more from today’s firms and leaders. Few can survive in a reactive mode lurching from crisis to crisis. A growing number of companies are seeking to become highly adaptive, balancing attention to today’s performance with the creation of future options; and a very few are becoming creative shapers of their respective industries and destinies.

    A highly effective organization is the key to this journey and perhaps the only sustainable source of advantage.  Mythos Group offers a range of interventions to help organizations accelerate and deepen transformation. These range from novel institutional arrangements to methods for increasing the change-readiness of individuals, groups, and entire firms.

    Our expertise:

    Digital Transformation

    We live in a digital world.  Across industries, digital technologies, and advanced analytics are fueling innovations. Digital technologies help companies unlock new sources of economic values, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity. We partner with companies to drive their digital transformations by harnessing the powers of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and the internet of things to optimize and automate operations. We help companies fuel their digital growth, build digital capabilities, and create a digital culture.

    Strategic Change Management

    Businesses are transforming in many ways: digital evolution, introduction of new technologies, leadership change, merger and acquisition, organizational restructuring, and regulatory changes. However, numerous studies have concluded that inadequate strategic change management has been one of the key contributing factor for failed business transformation. A structured approach and practical insights are required to drive organizational and people-related business transformation to enable people to transition from the current state to the desired future state, reduce operating costs, and improve operational efficiencies. We help clients accelerate moving their organization forward by using proven and pragmatic change management strategies that deliver results. We balance formal and informal interventions to ensure that leaders drive the change through modeling behavior; people throughout the organization adopt the new behavior, culture and ways of working; and the business benefits of the change are sustained.

    Organizational Design & Effectiveness

    In today’s competitive business landscape, organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of reducing costs and improving profitability. Many companies attempt to address these challenges by simply reconfiguring their organizational chart, comprising of boxes and lines that assign people to positions and responsibilities. But, the reality is, box and lines “boxology” rarely yields an organization design that’s effective for realizing business strategy. Our Organization Design & Effectiveness service helps clients respond to these competitive pressures by restructuring their organizations to achieve greater cost efficiency in their business. We help our clients refine their corporate models, improve efficiency and effectiveness of their support functions, streamline businesses processes, set up and optimize global shared services, and design sustainable outsourcing and offshoring models

    Organizational Culture

    Organizational culture empowers and challenges companies in today’s business world. Culture drives many outcomes in organizations, perhaps most prominently, employee engagement and retention. A culture that supports strategic and operational goals can fuel performance and spark innovation and differentiation. If the culture opposes the company’s strategy, however, the results can be disastrous. We help business leaders understand that culture plays an important role in their businesses and how to use culture to improve performance.


    Between 1995 – 2015, numerous studies have been conducted by Deloitte, Gartner, IBM, PwC, and The Standish Group, underscoring the significance that the “soft stuff (capabilities, culture, leadership, and mindset)” is the hardest to get right.

    At Mythos Group, we know that successful organizational transformation starts and finishes with the “soft stuff;” only people can make it or break it! There is no debating that strong leadership, employee engagement, and frequent communications are pre-requisites to successful change. If the analysis was right and the vision is right, the rest is dependent upon the people. We focus on the human and cultural context of change. We see leadership and high-performing employees as critical elements at the heart of an organizational transformation. We facilitate creating a positive climate for change through organization-wide dialogue, education, culture-shaping, and capability building. We work with leadership and employees to shift their perspective from the attitude from “make it happen” to “let it happen.”

    Our expertise:

    Leadership Development

    Leadership development is all about enhancing the individual and the organization. Effective leadership development is not a singular event or experience. Leadership is more than simply a role; it’s a capability to be developed and managed. It’s a strategic effort and an institutional process that is ingrained within multiple aspects of the talent management process and systems. Organizations that recognize this fact and invest accordingly remain competitive and thrive over organizations that leave leadership development to chance. There is a supply side and a demand side to leadership – we work on both, helping those charged with the task of change to find the right voice, exemplify the change and define their own leadership so that they can inspire confidence; helping everyone, whatever their role, see the opportunities for action that serves the change – and helps them be the change. By developing leadership capabilities, we accelerate the organizational transformation.

    Team Development

    Some teams generate exceptional loyalty, commitment and drive. Others are paralyzed by politics, negative emotions and wasted energy. Understanding and mastering the dynamics of team development is crucial if teams are to fulfill their potential, support business strategies, and deliver on anticipated benefits. We work with clients to create a deep awareness of the dynamics of people working together for collective success. We recognize that true team development focuses on individual action, feeling and accountability rather than on vague notions of “team.”

    Employee Development

    Sustained organization growth is fueled by on-going employee development. We work with clients to align culture, core competencies, and capabilities to infuse passion into the work and people. We help clients build programs to develop, motivate, manage, and retain talented employees to guide the workforce towards exemplary growth.


    Talent management is increasingly becoming a C-Level focus. Managing talent well creates value for an organization. However, talent management is ineffective in many organizations as they are grounded in antiquated human capital paradigms that are not aligned with today’s business workforce challenges and realities. Today’s business environment requires an engaged, innovative, productive, nimble, and cost-effective workforce.

    Mythos Group provides innovative solutions to help clients deliver people performance required by the business strategy. We work with our clients to help build differentiated capabilities by improving the effectiveness and business alignment of the HR function, whether it be recruiting, retention, or compensation.

    Our expertise:

    Human Capital Strategy

    Human capital is the engine that drives an organization. For an organization to sustain growth, it’s imperative that they have a clear well-defined human capital strategy. We work with our clients to create an HR vision and roadmap that supports strategic business outcomes while delivering high-value talent and HR services. Our holistic human capital strategies integrate culture, diversity, organizational structures, leadership capability, and talent (including global workforce).

    HR Alignment

    We help clients turn the HR function into a highly visible and credible business partner driving strategic people initiatives. We help build HR capabilities to reduce operating costs while improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of key services such as recruiting, training, analytic abilities, and administration.

    Talent Management Strategies

    Most successful companies use talent management as a tool to drive strategic change, innovation, effective merger integration, and long-term organizational health. Organizations that simplify their processes and clearly spell out accountabilities can simultaneously lower costs and reduce the need for specialized skills. We help develop talent management strategies tied directly to business plans—including actionable and segmented insights into talent strengths, needs, and economics. We help improve employment brands, talent acquisition, engagement and retention, and succession planning. We shape clear employer value propositions focused not just on compensation, but also on other key factors that matter to talented employees.


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