Articles and papers written by some of the industries top thought-leaders on business strategy and transformation.

The Biggest Threat to Your Business

Is the biggest threat to your business is your competition?  The economy? Your ability to deliver? Your -fill in the blank-?

Think again.

The biggest threat to your business is, well, it’s you.

Your Mind in Your Way

Every day, in more ways than you will ever know, your mindware threatens your business.

  • The two huge deals you won last year created a mindware program that now drives you to believe that the way you did it then is the best way to do it now.
  • Last year’s distinct value created mindware  that caused you to think it’s still high value, whether it is, or not.
  • Your top five  customers today create mindware that guides you to believe they are the best customer for you to follow – even if they aren’t.
  • The process you’ve used for three years has now become so embedded as the way you’ve always done it that you can’t notice when it falters or downright fails.
  • The limiting belief about your biggest competitor is so engrained you, can’t see their reality, and your opportunity.  Even when it’s in front of you.

The list goes on and on.  But you get the idea. We all get stuck in the way we’ve always done it, and our businesses pay the price.

Welcome to Being Human

We’re all wired with the same needs to hang onto the status quo, to herd up, look away, believe we’re right and bully on.  It’s part of being human. Sometimes it’s a great part. Sometimes, not so much.
Some of us break free from our programming.  We call these folks movers and shakers.  They moved beyond the rest of us humans by shaking up their mind. By seeing, hearing, feeling and even tasting things differently.

So way aren’t we all movers and shakers?  Why don’t we all simply rewire our mindware and become the movers and shakers that are inside each and every one of us?

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