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Why We Didn’t See It Coming

We’ve all been there. A sudden drop in revenue comes out of nowhere. Key customers revolt when we thought they were happy. An aggressive attack by that big gorilla competitor blindsides us. Then we ask…

Why didn’t I see it coming? How could we have missed it and ended up in this mess?

Stop blaming yourself, or your teams. You didn’t overlook an important trend. You weren’t slacking off.

You haven’t lost your edge.

Your mind’s inherent programming caused you to miss the shifts around you.  It’s part of the way you, and every other human, are wired. The great news is that we all now have the knowledge to bypass that programming to see the trends we used to miss!

Do You See What I See?

Here’s why we don’t see those changes coming.

Our minds are designed to be learning machines. We learn from every experience, every piece of data we input into our computer mind.  One of the ways we use what we learn is to create automated programs that make our minds more efficient.  We create all kinds of patterns of expectation – in everything from our driving routes to how we get dressed in the am.

Once we automate a pattern, we literally see, hear or feel what we expect to see, hear or feel.  For example –

When looking at that business spreadsheet – we’ll see the numbers we expect to see, even if they’ve changed a bit.

We’ll continue to see those same expected numbers, responses, market trends and more. Until reality changes enough to cause our minds to notice the shift. That takes a significant change.

Which is why that drop in revenue and margins, customer satisfaction, competitive discounting and more can seem to sneak up on us. We miss trends and shifts that portend significant changes in our markets and business.

The great news is that thanks to modern science we now understand how to step beyond the expectations of our human minds to see what’s really happening in our world.

The Bottom Line

You can lead beyond our mind’s programming.

Watch this video to get quick tips on how to harness the full power of your mind to see the reality around you and bypass that inherent programming. Use these tips and you’ll literally see, feel and hear the subtle shifts in your business, customers and markets – far ahead of your competition.

Now that’s using your head!